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Wahoo International® is a leading Manufacturer of UV cure resins, Solarez® Polyester, Epoxy, Vinyl Ester, Zerovoc®.
SOLAREZ® UV resin quickly and durably repairs fiberglass, plastics, wood. Hardens in 3 minutes when exposed to uv sunlight.

New video "How to Use Solarez UV Cure Gloss Resin" Watch on You Tube
how to use Solarez Uv Gloss Resin
Giving A True Story
"We are not related to this company but we certainly endorse the message"
surf expo orlando florida 2013 Surf Expo Solarez booth
Surf Expo September 6-8 2013 Orlando Florida | Come visit Solarez at the Surf Expo! We will be in booth #647!!
NEW VIDEO: How to Fiberglass a Pigmented Surfboard with a Color Deck Inlay Using Solarez. watch video
How to fiberglass a pigment surfboard
How to tie a Wig Hair Bait Fish Fly with Jay Murakoshi using Solarez Fly Tie Resins!
Wahoo International, creator of Solarez, Lifesled and Bullyboard has earned the SBA "Exporter of the Year Award" for 2012.
In a challenging economic climate, our products excel in sales around the world and this is clearly a function of quality.
In times like these, people scrutinize all the more and we have prevailed. We thank everyone in the some 36 countries that we service. It's an honor.
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Gary Fisher
Gary Fisher wins small business exportor of the year 2012
Gary Fisher wins Small businessexporter of the year  
New UV Flashlight

We have a NEW zoomable, adjustable UV LED flashlight. This head of this flashlight moves back and forth, adjust the viewing angle from a wide spread to a tight narrow focused beam, capable of fluorescing from far distances. It uses a single 380-385 NM UV LEDs. Unlike other UV Light higher wavelength UV that cast a blue and purple light, this light have very low visible light. This light was designed with a high grade adjustable zoomable optical lens that allows a very tight beam as well as a wide viewing angle. It will make your rocks glow!

This unique black light can be driven by three (3) DISPOSABLE AA batteries.
The light is extremely compact and weighs surprisingly little (about half a pound with batteries). Fits comfortably in the hand and has a 1 1/2" diameter with a recessed rubberized clicky push button. This flashlight also features a 1/4" threaded hole for easy mounting to tripods or other mounts.
Due to the intensity of this UV LED device UV protective glasses are recommended. Do not look into this device while operating nor shine in any person's eyes.

Perfect for the traveling surfer or fly fisherman who needs a UV light source.


Solarez offers Free Ding repar at the Woodie Resin FIRST ANNUAL
We are offering FREE surfboard ding repair at the Solarez booth on Saturday May 5th at the 1st Annual Moonlight Beach Surf Faire. "Please CALL for a time slot 760 476-3559" More Info.

Solarez introduces new Product: Solarez Fly tie resin Watch Video

Wahoo International Bullyboard grand prize giveaway!
Rell Sunn rell Sunn Wahoo internatoional

Free Surfboard at the sacred Craft Surfboard Expo

Solarez Offers Free Ding Repair

Sacred Craft Expo 2011 Del Mar Fairgrounds, CA


NEW Video "How To Fiberglass Wood Fins Using New Low VOC Low Odor Solarez"Jack Jensen delivers a load of wood fins for E.Duck to fiberglass foe Christenson surfboards using low VOC low Odor UV cure resin

Jack "The Fin Man" Jensen delivers a load of wood fins for E.Duck to fiberglass for Christenson Surfboards, using low VOC-low odor UV cure Solarez resin.


Look at the beautiful finish of our Polyester Gloss resin on the guitar (left) and Koa wood Ukulele (right)
To read about this project click LUTHIERS FORUM here!
Solarez Releases NEW Product!
Low voc low odor
NEW low odor, (low VOC) polyester resin will certainly be welcomed by garage laminators (and the neighbors). This resin has much less smell than regular polyester. There is no compromise in any of the physical characteristics.
Carl Ekstrom Tribute
carl ekstrom
Carl Ekstrom grew up during Simmons' time at Windansea in the late Forties and early Fifties. He has worked on surfboards since 1952. As a boy he sat with Bob Simmons on the beach at Windansea and paid close attention to what he said. Carl cites Simmons as a major influence who encouraged him to think outside the box, advice that has served Ekstrom well in his career as an industrial designer.

Carl is the inventor of the asymmetric surfboard and snowboard. His asymmetric Surfboard designs helped inspire Bear Mirandon to create a dual finned, split-tailed surfboard, the Twin Pin, in 1967. A dedicated futurist, Carl has been on the cutting edge of finless board design for artificial standing waves.

In October of 2011 the Sacred Craft Consumer Surfboard Expo will honor Carl Ekstrom during the ‘Tribute to the Masters Shape-off’ presented by US Blanks. The forward thinking Ekstrom’s rejuvenated asymmetrical surfboard concept (germinated in the ‘50s) is the focus with a verve entrenched in the design’s proven performance.

Rusty supports Solarez!
Jetski Fishing San Diego
White Sea Bass fishing in San Diego using Lifesled Rescue Boards
Paskowitz Surfing's Royalty
The Paskowitz family is Surfing royalty. Here's Doc Paskowitz enjoying a moment with surfing's two biggest superstars. Doc's son, Izzy Paskowitz runs a surf camp that has been teaching people how to surf for over 30 years!
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Jamie O'Brien Rules the Barrel
jamie obrien
Jamie O'Brien could possibly be the best barrel rider in the world says Surfer Magazine!
ZeroVoc for a better environment
"Solarez Encourages the Surfing Comunity to make a Stronger Environmental Commitment"
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From the makers of Lifesled® and Bullyboard®. Solarez® is a registered trademark of Wahoo® International Inc.