Artisan Doming Resins

Artisan Doming Resins

Flex Finish Doming Resin A clear, non yellowing, flexible resin for putting a clear dome of protective coating up to 1/4″ thick onto jewelry, stone, wood, plastics or metal. Even works on styrofoam. Cures by sunlight or artificial UV light source in 1 minute....

Stand Up Paddle Repair Kit

SUP Pro Repair Kit contains: ZEROVOC styrofoam-safe UV-Cure fiberfil putty WAHOO 2-Part Epoxy Resin Solarez FLEX wetsuit and deck pad repair Fiberglass cloth and rope Stainless steel scissors Applicators Sandpaper Eco-friendly clean up solvent Masking tape and razor...

Glow In The Dark Fly-Tie Fishing Resin

Thick, Hard GLOW IN THE DARK Formula Glows in the dark for enhanced night fishing Cures very hard and resilient. Very viscous for making thick coatings or spheres – bodies, heads, eyes
 Glows intensely at night, especially if irradiated with our UV flashlight...

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