An outstanding choice for overall performance; low price, hardness, good overall strength, high luster finish and resistance to weathering. UV cures in 3 minutes OR cures in 40 minutes with the addition of MEKP catalyst. Polyester gloss has unmatched high luster and scratch-resistant finish.

Nothing compares for corrosion resistance. Outstanding strength and adhesion, good hardness and good luster finish. Good resistance to UV light & weatherability. Unique ability to serve as an intermediary coating between epoxies and polyesters. Five-minute UV cure only, however can be special ordered to cure with either MEKP or UV-Cure. Lower price than 2-part epoxies with similar performance.

Outstanding overall performance. Corrosion resistant and better toughness than polyesters, great clarity and almost as high a luster as Polyester gloss. Cannot be made to be UV-Curable but can cure inside structures i.e. “Dark Cure”. For this reason it is the primary choice for repairing compound fractures from inside to out.