Fly-Tie Thin-Hard Formula

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Thin – Hard Formula is approximately the same viscosity as 30 wt. motor oil. It is easy to apply a thin, shellac-like clear coat that will cure in seconds when irradiated with sunlight or our UV flashlight. This product is a very durable aliphatic urethane which characteristically does not yellow with age.

Usage tip:
Apply in shade. Irradiate with intense UV light for ONE SECOND. Wait 15 seconds. Irradiate again for one second. Wait. Complete with 30 full seconds UV light. This technique will reduce heat & shrinkage.

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Reviews (15)

15 reviews for Fly-Tie Thin-Hard Formula

  1. Bob Wentworth

    I have been tying flies for about 8 years, and have not found a good prouduct for heads and bodies. I tried solarez with very little faith
    . Was I wrong, perfct heads and bodies on my streamers. The best part is no wasting material and the number of flies you can do from one container. I purchased some for a good friend, who has been tying for over 50 yrs. He loves it ,easy to use, no mess ,fast cure. The best product he has used. Awesome Bob from NH

  2. Mick

    This material is great for quickly sealing fly heads and a rod building “trick”. In fishing rod building it is very difficult to do a single thread trim wrap to add classy interest to a guide or decorative butt wrap. This material allows one to wrap a single thread around the rod blank, hit the overlap point of the wrap with a drop of solarez, then hit it with the UV light for 20-25 seconds to cure it. Then by carefully cutting off the loose ends one has a perfect single thread that is secure on the blank. I use the flex product to seal fishing line knots to ensure against their loosening.

  3. Anonymous

    I am pleased with this product. My flies look awesome. Very easy to use and not messy. Cures fast with the hight output uv light. Professional looking flies.

  4. Anonymous

    I am pleased with this product. My flies look awesome. Very easy to use and not messy. Cures fast with the hight output uv light. Professional looking flies.

  5. Keith Patterson

    I use this to put a nice high gloss finish on custom turned ink pens. Slight learning curve to figure out but they turned out great!!

  6. Didier Murray

    Tested 7 differents UV resin for my invention. This one worked the best.

  7. Carl Fisher

    As-advertised, quick and easy glass-like finish in seconds. Hard, durable, glossy, amazing. Perfect for my needs.

  8. Sam Ashby

    I tie crappie jigs and have found the perfect solution to coating over eyes and jig heads with the thin hard.

  9. Joseph Cabansag, Jr.

    This is the easiest UV resin I have ever worked with. It dries 100% tack free and is crystal clear. Great product and I will be a user for life!

  10. Nick

    This product allows you to apply, distribute evenly and then cure resin with a UV light avoiding the usual mix of one-to-one for conventional resins and hardeners. It may also be layered over existing resin to build-up desired shapes.

    I am also using paper to make lure shapes for fly fishing action by coating the paper with UV resin to make the lures water-proof.

  11. chris kowaleski

    Dries durable and hard as a rock in no time, and doesn’t smell insanely bad like other resins.

  12. Ron Essex

    I have been using Solarez for a few weeks. They definitely have the best product on the market at an affordable price. They have the best customer service as well. Thanks for a great product.

  13. In The Wild

    Makes a great resin head for fly tying! Dries rock-hard in seconds with UV light. I have many new fly creations using this resin.

  14. Rob Alexander

    I needed a hard durable super clear plastic resin for filling a space on an art project. I originally tried Solarez casting polyester resin which worked but did not cure very quick and also reacted with some materials in the project. I then gave the thin hard formula Solarez that cures with their UV light and it works flawless and immediate. Crystal clear and can be filed , sanded and polished.
    A winner here.

  15. BA Miniatures

    Works well, but is easily overlooked with flashlight, I will need to practice more!

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