Hard Finish Doming Resin

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A clear, non-yellowing, very hard, scratch resistant resin for putting a clear dome of protective coating up to 1/4″ thick onto jewelry, stone, wood, plastics or metal. Even works on styrofoam. Cures by sunlight or artificial UV light source in 1 minute.

TIP: If you want a taller, thicker dome, start off by placing your bottle of Doming Resin in a cup of ice water for about 5 minutes. To make the ice water colder still, mix in a little table salt. This will make your resin thicker and stand taller. Conversely, if you want your dome to be a thinner protective coating like a shellac, start by putting your bottle of Doming Resin in a cup of hot water for 5 minutes, (say about the same temperature of coffee but not scalding hot coffee). This will reduce the starting viscosity of your resin.


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1 review for Hard Finish Doming Resin

  1. Pajic

    This is the best Epoxy Resin that I used,ever,it is hard as metal in just one minute-incredible.
    the best way to protect my lures,hundred times better than classic epoxy resin which curing time is 24 h minimum

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