Matte Finish Doming Resin

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A matte finish, non-yellowing, hard, scratch-resistant resin for putting a clear dome of protective coating up to 1/4″ thick onto jewelry, stone, wood, plastics or metal. Even works on styrofoam. Cures by sunlight or artificial UV light source in 1 minute.

TIP: If you want a taller, thicker dome, start off by placing your bottle of Doming Resin in a cup of ice water for about 5 minutes. To make the ice water colder still, mix in a little table salt. This will make your resin thicker and stand taller. Conversely, if you want your dome to be a thinner protective coating like a shellac, start by putting your bottle of Doming Resin in a cup of hot water for 5 minutes, (say about the same temperature of coffee but not scalding hot coffee). This will reduce the starting viscosity of your resin.


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2oz, 4oz

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1 review for Matte Finish Doming Resin

  1. keith (verified owner)

    I bought the Fly-Tie Thin-Hard Formula – 2oz and the
    High Output UV Flashlight “Resinator” Kit and have to say that they are correct — it is an amazing pairing of UV flashlight with resin. It cures very, very fast. Get the light here, it really works. Don’t bother with those nail curing things the ladies use, or the black lights. You really need the correct wavelength and this light does the trick. I watched a youtube video of a guy who makes rings out of wood on a lathe and he cured this stuff in seconds. So, I bought the resin and light to see just how good it is. Really good! Just make sure you pick up some UV protective glasses when using the light. It’s not the brightness but the wavelength. Be safe and impressed when using this great combo! I’m sticking with Soloarez. That was an unintentional pun, ha!

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