Solarez Pro Tyers’ Guide to UV Resin Flies


The Solarez Pro Tyers’ Guide to UV Resin Flies

Other than being some of the world’s most recognized and respected flytyers, what do the following individuals: From the USA: Ted Patlen, Bruce Corwin, Bob Lindquist, Captain Edward Michaels, Lee Schecter and introducing 17 year old pro tyer, Owen McCain from Long Island; Bob MacDonald from Canada, and Europe’s finest: Fabrizio Gajardoni (Italy) , Giovanni De Pace (Italy), Martie van den Brand (The Netherlands),  Konstantin Karagyozov (Bulgaria); have in common? They are the Solarez Pro Tyers.

Gary Fisher, President of Wahoo International and Solarez UV Resins is proud to have award winning author and columnist, Tony Lolli, in collaboration with Alberto Calzolari and Jim Krul, bring together twelve creative flytyers, four European and eight North Americans, to feature, up close and personal, more than 50 of their innovative Solarez UV epoxy flies in the new book, Solarez Pro Tyers’ Guide to UV Resin Flies.

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