UV-Cure Fly-Tie Pro Roadie Kit 0.5 oz

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All three of our Solarez fly-tie UV resins; Thin-Hard, Thick-Hard, & FLEX formulas. Each comes in a 0.5 oz bottle with cone-cap, and 8 different style applicators – ample resin for many lures. Also included is a UV-Cure High Output flashlight with optimal wavelength. (this flashlight takes two (2) CR123 Lithium batteries or one (1) 18650 Lithium Ion battery – not included)

Usage Tip:
Apply in shade. Irradiate with intense UV light for ONE SECOND. Wait 15 seconds. Irradiate again for one second. Wait. Complete with 30 full seconds UV light. This technique will reduce heat & shrinkage.

Differences and details about the torches contained in our kits:
The “Resinator” is a kit with a flashlight, battery and charger. The “High-Output” Torch is in fact, the same torch that is in the Resinator kit. It has a very strong 2.5” diameter beam.

The “Pro Roadie” kit has a very good Torch in it, but not as powerful as the Resinator torch yet it does still use the same 3.7V 18650 battery (although it does not come with a battery) it could use two CR-123 batteries, available at most pharmacies or hardware stores, most markets too. It has a powerful beam of about 2” – very adequate.

The “Roadie” kit contains a small but powerful flashlight that uses a single AA battery. It has a focal point of about 1/2 the area of the other two torches but that area (about 1” diameter) is larger than most areas you will probably ever cure at one time.

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PRO-ROADIE KIT 3-Pack .5 oz, ROADIE KIT 3-Pack 5 gm


Kit contains three types of Fly-Tie resins. Thick-Hard, Thin-Hard, and Flex. One UV Pen-light. (battery and charger not included.)


Kit contains three types of Fly-Tie resins. Thick-Hard, Thin-Hard, and Flex. One UV Pen-light. (battery and charger not included.)

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1 review for UV-Cure Fly-Tie Pro Roadie Kit 0.5 oz

  1. gbogrady

    17 September 2020 9:04 PM- Comox Valley BC, Canada.
    I have been using this kit (Pro Roadie) for 6 months and everything worked flawlessly and performed as I expected from a quality product. Last week the UV light decided to quit working. I contacted Solarez support and explained my issue to them. Gary Fisher contacted me within hours and informed me they would send a replacement. I was hoping for a replacement UV head module but received the compete Pro Roadie kit delivered to my door within 6 days! I cannot say enough about Solarez service and support. I was previously a happy customer, now I am a disciple! I will sing your praises amongst my fishing community.

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